Do you do private lessons?
We do 1 on 1 or group private lessons. For more info go to our private lesson page here

How do we register?
Fill out the registration form located at the top of the page and either print out your confirmation or present it at the start of the event. We will have written consent forms available on the day if you forget.

How do I know if an event is cancelled due to rain or extreme heat?
We aim to post on our website as well as our social media networks 60 minutes before event start time if events are postponed so bookmark our page for up to date information.

Do we need our own skateboarding equipment?
Skateboards, helmets and wrist guards are provided at our clinics – you are welcome to bring your own equipment if you have it.

Are your events free?
Our events are free thanks to our local council partners.

Is the skatepark closed for the SWA events?
To ensure a safe environment for registered participants the skatepark is closed. The skateparks are owned by the local council and they reserve the skatepark for the Skateboarding WA event.

Do I need to wear shoes?
Yes, closed toe, flat soled shoes are required at all times.

Do parents / guardians need to stay and watch?
Children that are not old enough to go to the skatepark by themselves unsupervised on any given day must have parental supervision at all SWA events.

Do I need to bring a water bottle ?
Please bring a water bottle with you. Some skateparks have fountains but not all of them.

Is sunscreen provided?
Sunscreen is provided. If you are allergic to sunscreen, do not use our sunscreen.

Is it skateboards only?
Yes it is a skateboarding program. We provide skateboards, wrist guards and helmets so that if you don’t normally skateboard you can still join in on our boards and have a great time.

Do your coaches have Working With Children Checks?
Yes it is a requirement that all our coaches have a Working With Children checks.

What ages are suitable?
All ages are welcome from 1 year to 100 years!

I have never been on a skateboard, am I able to join in?
Yes. The clinics specialise in helping all skill levels including first time beginners. It is actually really easy – we start on the grass and everyone can balance on the grass and learn the skills they need!

Can parents join in too?
Yes. We encourage all parents to join in the lessons. It is a great opportunity to bond with your kids, learn new skills, learn the skatepark etiquette and have some FUN!

What do you teach in the clinics / lessons?
We teach the importance of skatepark etiquette and skills to suit your own personal level. The coaches adapt the lessons to suit the skill levels of the people joining in. All ages and all skill levels can learn some new skills and refine existing skills.

What is skatepark etiquette?
Skatepark etiquette is learning how to act positively and respectfully use the skatepark. This includes learning where it is appropriate to sit, where you can observe and watch, how to avoid collisions and how to share the space with other users.

How do I get Skateboarding WA at my local skatepark?
The best way to get the SWA events at your local skatepark is to contact your local council asking them to bring Skateboarding WA to your area. Let them know you are a local resident and send them a link to our website.

More questions?

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