About Skateboarding WA

Skateboarding WA (SWA) is run by West Australian skateboarders with a focus on promoting skateboarding as an alternative sport, a lifelong recreational activity with a creative welcoming community of practitioners. SWA is 100% skateboarding delivered by the WA skate community who live, breathe and love skateboarding.

Skateboarding is one of the world’s most popular and fastest growing alternative sports, as evidenced by its inclusion in the Olympic Games. From the outside, skateboarding can seem difficult to understand. It is one of the few physical activities that is not limited by rules and regulations. This is what makes skateboarding so unique. Many choose skateboarding as a hobby, while others may take it to the most elite level of competition. SWA caters for all skateboarders in Western Australia, no matter the reason they get on board.

SWA has established relationships with many councils in the Perth metropolitan area and regional WA. SWA has the experience and the network to assist councils on issues such as the planning and implementation of skateparks, skateboarding events coordination and authentic insights into the skateboarding industry.

Negative stereotypes of skateparks and skateboarders can sometimes lead to people avoiding their local skatepark facility – something that SWA aims to correct with its engaging programs. SWA coaches are all regular skateboarders and skatepark users themselves, and as such are well versed in being positive role models and mentors, teaching new participants the importance of skatepark etiquette and respect.

At SWA diversity and inclusivity is paramount. SWA programs offer inclusive environments for everybody to join in, including the provision of skateboards and helmets to ensure everyone can participate. People of all ages, cultures, backgrounds and abilities enjoy the physical, social and mental health benefits in WA every day. SWA is dedicated to helping people at all stages of their skateboarding journey. SWA serves the community by supporting participants, young and old, in finding the happiness, health and social benefits that flourish through the shared passion of skateboarding.

If you would like to find out more information about Skateboarding WA please contact us.

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