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100% Skateboarding delivered to you by the WA skate community.

Upcoming Events

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About Us

Skateboarding WA (SWA) is an organisation driven by dedicated Western Australian skateboarders who live, love and breath skateboarding.

In partnership with both local governments and the skateboarding industry, SWA works to empower and engage youth of all ages through our unique state wide skateboarding programs. Thanks to our statewide development pathways youths in all areas of Western Australia are embraced and connected with the entire Western Australian skateboarding community.

SWA aims to promote and develop skateboarding throughout Western Australia to allow more participation & skill development opportunities as well as an increase in higher quality skatepark facilities being designed and built.

  • Skateboarding WA offers programs of all shapes and sizes to cater to community needs: ( Skateboards, Helmets, Music and Good Times are provided! ).
  • All Ages Clinics with Skateboards & helmets provided - suitable for all ages & all skill levels including 1st time beginners, children, teenagers & adults..
  • Intermediate Clinic Sesh - suitable for skaters wanting to continue progressing and learning new / harder tricks..
  • Competitions, Games of S.K.A.T.E, Best Trick Sessions, Demos, BBQ Sessions, Filming Sessions. .
  • In School Skateboarding Programs suitable for Primary Schools, Secondary Schools and Universities. .
  • Skatepark design consultations, independent reviews, inspections, maintenance recommendations etc..
  • Private Skateboarding lessons for individuals AND groups. - all equipment can be provided..
  • Birthday Parties and Events - all equipment & music can be provided..


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  • Skateboarding WA

    GOSNELLS COMP next Thursday night 1st Sept! Prizes thanks to these legends @modusbearings @nikesbau @beyondskatecannington @buttergoods @waywardwheels @the4skateco @gmta_skateboards @slamskateboarding WA Skate Ramps HUGE THANKS to CITY of GOSNELLS for supporting the local community and making this event possible! #SkateboardingWA #Gosnells #CityofGosnells #supportlocalskateboarding #westernaustralia #skateboardingisfun #skateeverydamnday

    Posted - 22 hours ago
  • Skateboarding WA

    We have Free events Sat & Sun this week: Sat 27th Eaton Skatepark 10am-12pm Clinics all ages & Game of S.K.A.T.E Sun 28th Aug Ballajura skatepark 1.30pm-3.30pm Clinics All Ages HUGE THANKS to this weeks program partners 🙌🏻: Shire of DARDANUP Shire of Dardanup City of SWAN City of Swan Photo 📷 @bowow91 from a precious visit to Eaton skatepark. #SkateboardingWA #SWA #Eaton #shireofdardanup #cityofswan #ballajura #supportlocalskateboarding #westernaustralia #skateboardingisfun #skateeverydamnday #skateboarding

    Posted - 2 days ago


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